Second to biscuits, our passion is eco-friendly packaging

The outside of a Barners parcel is just as environmentally conscious as the inside. We realise the importance of transparent branding today, so that our customers know what they are buying. It's not easy going plastic-free, but at Barners we believe that the more we open our minds to work around plastic, the more chance we have of reforming our environment and our attitudes towards waste. 

For this reason, we have decided against using a sealed plastic bag to give our biscuits a longer shelf life. As we use no preservatives, this means our biscuits have a shorter shelf life, but are much fresher and more authentic in flavour!


Our tape is made from FSC certified paper and is printed in the UK. It is 100% household recyclable.  Our postal boxes consist of a minimum of 70% recycled materials, and the shredding inside is made from 100% recycled paper too. 


Our signature green bakers twine is made by James Lever. James and his father are the the proud owners of a rope and twine factory in Bolton, UK. They are well known for their excellent quality twines which are made from an average of 40% recycled cotton.

A BARNERS parcel, unwrapped ...

 Our signature green envelopes are made from FSC certified materials. They are crafted in the UK by G.F. Smith, one of the worlds most luxurious paper suppliers.

Our gift cards and thank you notes are made from 50% recycled hops which are leftover waste from a beer production company in Germany. Not what we expected either.


Our product and ingredients labels are made from 100% recycled paper. When you look closely, you will notice speckles of many other colours which have made up the kraft card that we use. This card is proudly produced in the UK by Craft UK Ltd. 


One question that we like to ask ourselves at Barners is...What if our packaging ends up in the ocean? 

We hope that you will recycle or reuse all of our packaging as intended. However, in the worst case scenario that your entire Barners order (except from the biscuits of course!) end up in our seas and oceans, we have taken the side effects into account. Being plastic-free means that paper and card will easily disintegrate and diminish in sea water. A cardboard box could take up to 2 months to completely diminish in water. Our parchment wrapping and gift tags would biodegrade as quickly if not faster, which ultimately means less of a threat to our sea-life and wildlife than a plastic-sleeve would be. Glass is tricker to predict as it falls to the ocean floor and breaks down into small pieces which eventually become silt on the ocean floor. Overall, we can rest assured that our packaging will not have a threatening or long-term impact on our environment.