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a biscuit...

Barners biscuits have been hand-baked and developed over the past 15 years by a family of three generations of women. Their beloved dog Barney was a food critic to say the least, and approved each and every flavour they baked. 

Very recently in 2019, this group of women came to the conclusion that they were too delicious to keep to themselves, so the decision was made to share them with the world.

The packaging we use is an important reflection of our brand morals. With paper and string wrapping and reusable gift containers, we pride ourselves on being conscious of the current environmental situation. Barners make a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle with no compromise of luxury.


When it crumbs to the crunch, Barners strives to supply the world with indulgent and inclusive treats, produced in a way that shows we care about the environment. After all, if you are going to indulge you may as well do it properly.


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